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Good Morning, Friday

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From Clay To Be Money

Kasongan is located in Bantul or about 6 kilometers south of Yogyakarta. Here, the pottery has become a common profession for generations until now. There is no valid data to show when the pottery activities began. However, based on the book “Disain Keramik Kasongan” (written by Ponimin), there was a man is called Kyai Song who was the pioneer of the Kasongan ceramics about 320 years ago. (more…)

Moving With The Heart (2)

Some days ago I posted pictures about someone dancing on the top of roof. Quite surprisingly, there were many of questions about the activity, such as  where and what was the occasion and why  it is done on the roof and so on. I felt less responsible when posting a photo that just raised many questions. Therefore, I present a post that is expected to answer the reader’s questions.

The events was held on a small village in the mountainside of Merapi. That was my second time there, since  last I saw the art performance held by Tlatah Bocah Community on 2011 after the big eruption of Mount Merapi.
Well, this is the story.. (more…)