In Javanese tradition, offerings that are commonly referred to as a grain offerings in the form of food, flowers or fruits are offered to God the Creator.


New Experience

mbak cantik

This afternoon around 11.45 AM friend of mine phoned and invited me to go to Solo. But, I had to be at his house at 12.00 PM. Woow, I had no time for preparation, and the most stupid thing was I didn’t bring the camera! Pfftt… When I came there, he told me that we would photograph the fashion show. We’re in a hurry, so he asked me to use his camera. Finally, it was my first time to use Sony DSLR camera, indoor, in the evening and no external flash! Great!! 😦 (more…)

The Stamp Batik

Batik is a cloth that is traditionally made using a manual wax-resist dyeing technique (wikipedia). At the beginning, batik was known as an expensive item that only worn by the royal families and wealthy individuals. But now, batik is belonged to all classes and easily obtained. Due to advanced technology development, there are some techniques of batik with lower cost. Beside the hand-drawn batik, there are cheaper batik that created using screen-printing techniques and stamp-printing techniques. (more…)

Cetho: The Misty Temple

Cetho temple is located in Karanganyar, Central Java. It is a relic of the last days of the Majapahit kingdom, around the 15th century. This Hindu temple is at approximately 1,400 meters above sea level. Based on the ruins, the temple is expected was a fourteen storied terrain. However, it just thirteen terraces left, and the restoration done until only the ninth terraces. (more…)