Ajur Ajer Tan Luluh

ajur ajer tan luluh 4

Ajur Ajer Tan Luluh kurang lebih berarti tak tak tergoyahkan. Ungkapan Jawa yang indah tersebut saya terjemahkan menjadi bahwa dalam kondisi apapun, bahkan dalam kondisi terburuk pun, tak akan menghancurkan semangat, niat dan prinsip. Semoga benar 😀



Moving With The Heart (2)

Some days ago I posted pictures about someone dancing on the top of roof. Quite surprisingly, there were many of questions about the activity, such as  where and what was the occasion and why  it is done on the roof and so on. I felt less responsible when posting a photo that just raised many questions. Therefore, I present a post that is expected to answer the reader’s questions.

The events was held on a small village in the mountainside of Merapi. That was my second time there, since  last I saw the art performance held by Tlatah Bocah Community on 2011 after the big eruption of Mount Merapi.
Well, this is the story.. (more…)

Moving With The Heart

it’s not only a matter of moving bodies, but soul
it is a moving with the heart
it cannot be bounded by the space dimensional
wherever could be the stage
it might be in the fields or even on the roof


performer: Ekaning | location: Bangun Budaya house of art , Magelang, Central Java