Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Embroidering the "Kain Tapis" using gold threads in West Lampung, Sumatra

Embroidering the “Kain Tapis” using gold threads in West Lampung, Sumatra

Culture become an interesting challenge. There are many pictures and I had to choose some appropriate.


Cutting The Limestone Hill


It was last year. I saw this in Tanjungkarang, when I was on the way to port Bakauheni from Bandar Lampung. Then I stopped the car for a while to photograph this moments. I just thought, someday, the next generation wouldn’t know that there was a hill there. All dissapeared by industry.. 😦

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park is located in the Bukit Barisan mountain range consisting of vegetation type mangrove forest, beach forest and tropical forest. Plant species in the park include Pidada, palm, sea pine, pandanus, chrysolite, meranti, mersawa, ramin, keruing, resin, rattan, and flowers raflesia. (more…)

Needlepoint of Intestine?

Beside cloth of Tapis, the people of Lampung also have embroidery of intestine. Wait, this is not a real intestine. They called it Sulam Usus (usus = intestine). Sulam Usus is a needlepoint with a distinctive motif, made from satin cloth that shaped as chicken intestine. It has a refined forms and classic models. (more…)