kraton yogyakarta

Bangsal Srimanganti


Bangsal Srimanganti is located inside the palace of Yogyakarta. It is the hall that used to be a place to receive the important guests of the king. In the middle of the hall, there is a king’s throne where he sat to meet the guests. Some royal heirloom, such as gamelan (musical intruments) are placed here.


Prajurit Prawirotomo : The Yogyakarta Palace Soldiers

The name Prawirotomo comes from the word Prawira that means brave / officers / soldiers and Tomo or utomo which means primary. The brigade of Prawirotomo came from 1000 Mataram’s army members who helped the prince Mangkubumi against invaders. (more…)

Prajurit Jogokaryo : The Yogyakarta Palace Soldiers


The name of Jokokaryo comes from the word Jogo that means to keep and Karyo which means task or job. So that, the existence of prajurit Jogokaryo is to keep and secure the implementation of the rule in the kingdom.

Its flag named Papasan. It is rectangular shaped with a red base color and there is a green circle at the center. (more…)

Prajurit Dhaeng : The Yogyakarta Palace Soldiers


These soldiers were actually shipped from Macassar by the Dutch to reinforce Raden Mas Said (KGPAA Mangkunegoro I) at odds with Prince Mangkubumi (Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I). As a result of the dispute, Mangkunegoro I divorced his wife called GKR Bendoro and sent back to her father the Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. Mangkunegoro ordered the selected troops from Makasar to escort GKR Bendoro to Yogyakarta. Arriving at the Sultan’s Palace, the soldiers were welcomed and served well, which then made them did not want to come home to Surakarta, and chose to serve with loyalty to Sultan Hamengkubuwono I.  As a reward, then Sultan Hamengkubuwono  formed a special unit which consist of these soldiers called Bregada Dhaeng. (more…)

Prajurit Wirobrojo: The Yogyakarta Palace Soldiers


The name of Wirobrojo comes from the word Wiro that means brave and Brojo which means sharp. Philosophically, the name of Wirobrojo means a very brave warrior with sharp and sensitive senses. The brigade of Wirobrojo always been at the forefront in every battle. Therefore, at present, this brigade is always positioned in the front row in a variety of ceremonies. (more…)