Gamelan Sekaten


Sekaten is an acculturation of local tradition ceremony with Islamic tradition. At that time, the king of Demak named Raden Patah with The Wali utilizing gamelan (traditional music instrument) to attract people who like gamelan by providing requirement to say two sentences creed (Syahadatain) as a sign of their conversion to Islam.  Until now, the Yogyakarta palace continues the tradition of gamelan sekaten for seven days, from May 5 to 11 Maulud according to the Javanese calendar. (more…)



Gamelan is the music created by the blended sound of traditional musical instruments.  Gamelan easily found in various regions of Indonesia. This gamelan music can be found in Java, Madura, Bali, and Lombok. Of course, the variants of instruments that used are different. (more…)