Borrow The Lens


Sometimes, it’s interesting to capture the image with unusual ways. Beside the unique, it’s also able to eliminate boredom. The first image, I took the picture through the LCD monitor of a tourist beside me. It was in a crowds and I could not the comfortable place. It was in Kuta beach, Bali. (more…)

One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

Aw.. aw.. aw.. finally I finished this task as well.
Some days ago, this blog was nominated by mas Kris, for the One Lovely Blog Award! It was surprising me because the fact this blog is just consists of a simple pictures and some notes that were written in improper English. However, this blog has been nominated and I have to be responsible for this. Thank you mas Kris, and here it is… (more…)

The Tagging Game!

Woaa… I was surprised when Sarin tagged me in this game. This is the post that she published on being tagged. Actually, she knows that I always got difficulties to make a long writings in English. Therefore, I think she sets me up and encouraging me to do so. Hahaha… 😀
By the way, it’s an interesting stuff! After spending some days, I finished this post and here it is! (more…)

Kereta Hias

Kereta hias, becak hias, gowes hias atau apapun namanya. Kereta berhiaskan lampu warna-warni ini menjadi hiburan alternatif warga di sela aktifitas sehari-hari tanpa perlu ke luar kota. Wahana mainan yang satu ini sudah marak di mana-mana. Saya menemukan di beberapa kota yang saya kunjungi, yang disewakan memutari alun-alun kota. (more…)