The Smell With Myriad of Nutritions

Many people love the Petai or Pete (Parkia speciosa) which is made sauce or fried as fresh vegetables. Despite making a bad breath odor, but this fruit contains three kind of natural sugars, those are sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. This combination is capable of providing an instant energy boost, but has long and good effect. It also contains vitamin B6, iron, potassium, and antacids. These components function as anti-cancer, depression recovery, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and premenstrual syndrome. Petai also contains anti-oxidants. (more…)


Gudangan is a popular dish from Indonesia.┬áThis cuisine has different names depending on the region where it originated. Gudangan is made of various stewed vegetables such as long beans, bayung leaves, cassava leaves and sprouts. The seasoning is made from grated coconut and chilli or commonly known as Urap. (more…)


Pacitan in East Java is located in the limestone mountains, in line with Wonogiri in Central Java and Gunungkidul in Yogyakarta. As the limestone area, it is difficult to grow rice in those places. For that in earlier times, they ate cassava as a substitute for rice. They cultivated cassava into a food named Tiwul. (more…)

Chicken Satay of Ponorogo

Chicken satay of Ponorogo is the kind of satay from Ponorogo, East Java. The chicken’s meat is very tender and the seasonings are seeped but fat-free. Each piece of meat is thinly sliced so it seems like fillet, and the fat could be set aside. This is what distinguishes the satay of Ponorogo with other regions. During the grilling process, the chicken satay is dipped in a solution of brown sugar and soy sauce several times so it’s seep. (more…)