Gumelem Great Mosque


Gumelem village which is located in Banjarnegara is rich of the histories, cultures and crafts that is interest to visit. Here we have Masjid Jamii At Taqwa or Gumelem Great Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques in Banjarnegara. The mosque was built in 1670. The uniqueness of the mosque was built in the center of the border of East and West Gumelem. Some of the mosque is belong to the West Gumelem village and partly in the territory of East Gumelem.

Despite more than 300 years old, the main wood pillars were sturdy and strong. The main pillar consists of four pillars, and surrounded by 12 stanchions. These poles come with 5 levels pedestals  of laver-shaped andesite.

The mosque is still used for the Muslim activities in Gumelem. Unfortunately I do not get reference to get more details about the mosque. But, here some images of the mosgue…

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