Inseparable Couple

loro blonyo

Loro Blonyo derived from Javanese words Loro and Blonyo. Loro means two, and Blonyo means make up. So, Loro Blonyo means a couple with make up. They both are wearing traditional Javanese wedding dress.

Loro Blonyo also a symbol of unification between Dewi Sri and Raden Sadana, which is believed to bring fertility and prosperity. The unification describes reproduction associated with the continuity of family lineage. Dewi Sri is a symbol which was evolved from a classical Indian goddes to the one that was more human and more Javanese, with reference to posture and dress. Then, in the concept of couple, so that Sadono was added. Loro Blonyo also can be translated as  “inseparable couple.” So sweet.. 🙂

loro blonyo2
In the past, ther ritual use of Loro Blonyo was limited to aristocratic or wealthy families, especially in the wedding ceremony. But nowadays, this symbol is common to be used by common people. They use it in their wedding card, or decoration. Even, Loro Blonyo now widely produced in various shapes and materials as a handicraft products and souvenirs.



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