Triwindu: The Antiques Bazaar


Pasar Triwindu or known as the Windujenar market is a heaven for the antique enthusiasts. It is a flea market where you can find any artworks and antiques in city of Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. The market is located at Jalan Diponegoro, and become the part of the Ngarsopuro tourist area, exactly at the south of the palace of Mangkunegaran. When we get into the market, as if that we get into the time machine which can take us to the previous world. All antiques here were the silent witness of the story of the past time.


Almost all antiques could be find here, which were made of gold, silver, metal, copper, wood, iron, ceramics, paper and cloth. The market building was made of wood with two floors that supposedly had been there since 1945. At the first floor, you will find the antiques and accesorries such as wayang (shadow puppets), ancient batik tools, bronze and stone statues, old money and coins, vintage posters, gramophone, pictures and other ancient tools. At the second floor there are the larger size antiques, such as automotive instruments, bicycle, up to the ancient furniture such as chairs, antique tables, beds and cupboards. You can also find the used music instruments, even you can find old riffles and soldier’s helmets.


The prices is vary from thousands to millions. But, like any traditional market in Indonesia, traders expect you to bargain. The unique here is that there is a possibility to do the barter system, that is to exchange the antiques to other antiques, with the same values.

But, market is a market where the business talks. The market also provide replicas of antiques at a relatively cheaper price. It helps the low budget consumers to have the as if antiques in their house.





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