Angguk Dance


Angguk dance is a typical dance from Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Some source mentions that this dance is the development of the Dolalak dance from Purworejo, Central Java, which entered into Kulon Progo around 1950.Β The dance is expressing of gratitude to God after the rice harvest. It consists of 15 people or more female dancers. They danced while nodding their head. That’s why this dance called Angguk dance (Angguk = nod). Some said that this dance were inspired by the movement of Dutch soldiers. Even, they wear costumes that depicting of the Dutch soldier’s uniform, decorated by sampur (shawl), black cap and red or yellow socks.

The Angguk dance is is accompanied by the folk rhymes which containing the advices, were sung with the Javanese style. The interesting thing is that there will be trance dancer at the time of peak performances.

Another Angguk type is called Angguk Rame from Magelang, Central Java. The dance played by at least 16 men. There is no “trance scene” but there is a “captain” who gave the command on every movement made by the players. The commands were very funny, because he uses “strange” languages that only known by the players.

Here the video of Angguk Rame that I made in 2011 for the Tlatah Bocah community in Magelang. But, I’m so sorry that the quality is not good, both the picture and the editing πŸ™‚



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      1. Aku beberapa kali liat kubro siswo, topeng ireng sama apa lagi ya waktu acara HUT Temanggung, ada festival budaya gitu ….

        Seruuu banget πŸ™‚

        Komunitas 5 Gunung ?? itu klo ga salah ada festivalnya juga ya mas …

        1. kumpulan komunitas dari lereng 5 gunung di jateng.. merapi, merbabu, sumbing, sindoro.. trus satu lagi apa ya? lupa… πŸ™‚
          mereka masing-masing punya event lokal dan pernah bikin acara barengan

          1. Andong bukan ya ?? aku juga lupa ….
            Sering kesana kah mas ?? aku belum pernah sih, paling juga ke fest budaya yg di Temanggung atau Wonosobo aja dan kebetulan lagi bisa main ksana πŸ™‚

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