EF#18 We Are Family

IMG-20150507-WA0002This is the eight of ten of team members.

Well, this is the story of my friend who is involved into the complicated relationship among the member of the team. Perhaps, it is more about the story than the opinion. If it is deemed irrelevant to the theme of the challenge, please ignore this post.. *ngambek*

In Jogja, there was a small coffee stall named Kantin S15. Almost a year ago, the stall was almost bankrupt and closed. Then slowly, it began to squirm and able to survive. In the end of 2014, there was only one stall with four employees. But now, there are ten people (including him) in the team that were divided in two places.

There are three former street children as full-timers and six university students as the part-timer employees. Inevitably, the university students have greater insight than those who only learn on the streets. Is it easy to manage nine people with different backgrounds in one team? The answer is no.Β Β Small conflicts and different opinions were often occurred.Of course, this complicated things should be ended, or at least to be minimized.

It takes huge patience and firmness in dealing with the unique and complicated relationship of the team. So, Kantin S15Β  can not be fully treated as a liberal company. At first, it should be made a personal approach to each member of the team. Kantin S15 should be regarded as a medium that can give the benefits to all members. This is a family. All members depend on each other, can not do everything by himself. This team is managed by a full compromise but still professional.

Again, is it easy to implement this policy? Again, the answer is no. There’s always the things that generate the conflict , though small. The inferiority of the former street children to make them have superior to other members, sometimes in any manner. It takes maturity to face these things. It never occurred to fire them. There is a risk that even worse when they return to the streets. It is the responsibility of all members of the family to educate and provide insight to them. It is always emphasized that joined the family of kantin S15 is not just looking for money, but also the media for mutual learning about life.

Although it is still always mess around with the classical problems of their silly conflicts, including get monthly headaches just before the end of the month to prepare their payroll, but everything still run smoothly. Although the material incomes are not too big, but there is pride when able to unravel the complicated relationships, also be able to “live” them and provides learning opportunities to others, no matter how small its value. Perhaps this is referred to as an alms. The charity is not merely in the form of money, isn’t it?

Indeed, the complicated relationships is not completely decomposed. It still always happen. But, the differences of opinion is a common matter. We are a family. Always sure that there will no any conflict which able to broke the brotherhood. So, something called ‘complicated relationship” has become the daily breakfast. πŸ˜†

*More about BEC: EF#18 Challenge

Hhhmm I’ve told the admin, that it is difficult to write opinions about the complicated relationship without getting stuck to curhat 😦




    1. hehe ya begitulah, biasanya pusingnya itu muncul saat mati2an nahan emosi liat polah mereka yang hih banget… πŸ™‚

      Emang pinter nih admin2 BEC ngorek2 kisah kita hahaha…


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