The Mountain Papaya


Mountain papaya or well-known as Carica is unique plant, because it can only fruiting at altitudes above 1500 meters above sea level, and can only grow in a few places in the world. The origin of this fruit is from the Andean highlands, South America. The fruit is oval. The unripe fruit has dark green skin and will turn into yellow when it’s ripe.

Carica still included in the genus of papaya, but the taste is very different from the papaya. We can say that the taste is a blend of mango, jackfruit, oranges, papaya, and some other fruits. Carica can be processed into syrup, juice, sweetmeats, and jams. But it can also be eaten instantly.

I met the Carica plants on the way home after had a short trip to Dieng plateau.


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  1. I’ve read several posts about carica and I’m curious with its taste and its appearance because I’ve never seen it before :hehe.
    The fruits on the tree are still unripe ya Mas :hehe.

    1. mungkin maksudnya used to see ya Mas? sok nggramar nazi

      yup, both the fruits and the leaves are smaller than the common papaya

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