Stamp Canting For Batik

Pekalongan in Central Java has been popular as a batik city for a long time. Many people in this city were involved in the batik industry, both as artists as well as merchants. One industry that cannot be ignored is the manufacture of stamp canting, the stamp-like device that is used for printing batik.

The stamp made of copper and iron plate. In its development, the craftsmen were trying to innovate with the raw material of wood. Using wood, the canting production process becomes easier, but it cannot be used for complicated motives. Also, the product is not durable, in contrast to the material of the copper that can be used for years.

Here some pictures of process of making stamp canting

Pattern design motif
The stamp made of copper and iron plate
The copper were cut and shaped in accordance to the pattern
Filled with gondorukem (residue of pine-gum distillation)


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  1. Gondorukem itu malamnya ya, Mas? Wewh, making the pattern from the copper is already an exhausting task–stamping it on the garment is another hard process to do.
    By the way, how much does the batik cost, Mas?

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