Temples Above The Cloud

Arjuna temple complex is located in Dieng plateau, Central Java. It is at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. The cold and foggy create a mystical atmosphere.

The complex consists of five temples that are still intact. They are the Hindu relics that were discovered around 1814 by Dutch archaeologists. The temple complex estimated were built in the 8th century. Thus, the temples in Dieng were stated to be the oldest Hindu temple in Java.
The Arjuna temple complex consist of five temples, those are:
c arjunaArjuna temple
This is the main temple in the complex. It’s measuring 4 meters square, with a stair leading to the entrance to a small room inside the temple.


c srikandiSrikandi temple
The temple is located next to Arjuna. This temple stands approximately 50 cm with a square form. On the north wall are carved depicting Vishnu, on the east wall depicting Shiva and on the south wall depicting Brahma. But, most of the sculpture has been damaged. The roof has crumbled, so that we cannot see the original form.

c puntadewaPuntadewa temple
Puntadewa Temple size is not too large, but it looks higher. The temple sits on a double decker shelf height of about 2.5 m. Currently, the Puntadewa temple is being restored.


c sembadraSembrada temple
This temple stands approximately 50 cm with a basic of a square. In the middle of the south side, east and north there is a section that juts out, forming recesses. The existence of the corbel and recesses on the other three sides made the temple looks like a polygon. In the courtyard there is a stone that is laid out as the path to the door.

c semarSemar temple
This temple is located opposite to Arjuna. Essentially rectangular floor plan with stairs leading to the entrance to the temple’s hall located on the east side.


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