The Beauty Of Telaga Warna

Dieng plateau is a vast caldera with the mountains on the edge. It is located at about 2,000 meters above sea level, which is the plain with volcanic activity beneath the surface, such as Yellowstone in United States. There are many craters which ejects gas and water vapor and some of which is a poisonous gas. Behind that, Dieng has a million spectacular beauties. The Sikunir hill is one of the popular places , where we can see the golden sunrise. Beside that, there are natural forests, savannas, hills and several lakes also the diversity of flora and fauna. There is also an archaeological site in the form of the temple complex.

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Telaga Warna is one of some lakes in Dieng. The locals name it Telaga Warna or Colour lake as the water in the lake is subject to change. The lake that containing sulfur makes a fairly pungent odor. But, the turquoise color of lake and decorated with shade trees surrounding the area, and the chirp of wild birds makes the atmosphere so quiet. Around the lake overgrown by the old acacia trees which were overgrown with the yellowish moss. In this location, you can also observe the endemic fauna, Pacific Black Duck or in the local language called meliwis or belibis.

There is a typical plant at the swamp that is separating the Warna lake and Pengilon lake called deergrass.  The waterbirds in both Warna lake and Pengilon lake often utilizing this grass to shelter, nesting and resting.

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  1. Deergrass? Rumput kijang ya maksudnya Mas? Atau rumput rusa? (Lha saya malah bingung di sini :hoho).
    Iya banget untuk Dieng! Pingin ke candi-candinya itu. Eh soal paketan itu apa kabarkah? Gratisan dong kan? :hoho.

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