The Tasty Of Sate Klathak

sate klathak_06

Sate Klathak is the goat satay which is only flavored with garlic and salt. The skewers are made of an iron like bars of a bicycle. The use of the lattice is to deliver good heat so that the meat can be cooked perfectly. As the gravy, usually reserved the mutton broth.

Sate klatak has become the popular culinary in Yogyakarta and worthy to be tasted. The sate klathak stalls are easy to be found in around Jejeran traditional market, Wonokromo, Bantul. The sensation of sitting cross-legged with carpet mats in traditional markets, while enjoying the sate klathak and the nasgithel tea (hot, sweet and soupy tea) with the rock sugar will be the very exciting experience.. 😀



      1. meskipun dekat rumah ada yg jual begituan tapi saya jarang mampir mas..makan daging kambing itu mungkin setahun sekali mas klo idul adha hahahaha…


      2. iya mas hahaha..ada sate kambing mbok galal, sate mas di, sate pak brintik dan kawan kawannya…saya mengurangi soalnya mas sekarang sebenarnya tensi normal. cuma udah semakin menua 😀


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