The Buffalo Satay

The city of Kudus is not only known for the mosque of Menara Kudus or as industrial areas only. However, the smallest city in Central Java is also has a variety of unique and exciting culinary. Even, the local government provided a culinary region named Bojana Park, which is located in the corner of the square of Simpang Tujuh. For those who love unique culinary, a trip to Kudus feels not complete until they’ve been enjoying the buffalo satay. It’s unique because commonly people eat chicken satay, goat or beef.

There is a story about why the people of Kudus eat buffalo. It is said that long time ago there were many Hindu religious people around the city of Kudus, and the cow is the sacred animal to them. When Islam entered and spreaded by Sunan Kudus, in honor of the Hindus, he forbade the slaughter of the cow in the Eid Qurban and replace it with buffalo. One form of high tolerance in the society at that time. And from that time, the buffalo meat cuisines become be popular, including the buffalo satay.

The taste of the buffalo satay were not less than beef, only its meat fiber slightly thicker. In commonly satay, the raw meat seasoned then grilled directly, but the buffalo meat should be minced first. The buffalo meat be pounded, then seasoned and cooked, just like making a beef jerky. After that, the processed meat was wrapped into the skewer and grilled. Since it was flavored, the sweet of spices will be more tasted. When eat the buffalo satay, it taste that the texture of the meat was tender and the sweet savory seasoning. According to nutritionists, it has low cholesterol content. Wanna try?

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