The Silence On The Slopes Of Mt. Wilis


Grape Ecotourism is located on the slopes of Mount Wilis, about 30 minutes drive from Madiun, East Java. It seems that there is no public transports to get there, so you should bring your own vehicle. But the road is pretty good and deserves to be passed by motorcycles and cars. On the way to Grape, we will be spoiled by the beautiful landscape such as teak forests which is interspersed by the villages with the clear rivers at the edge of the road.

After passing through a smooth road, we finally get to the road which is quite narrow that have not paved. Approximately 500 meters there will be a spacious land that set as the simple parking area which is managed by locals. Then from this place the real challenge begins. From here we walked through the one meter width of footpath. It is too steep. This path has been plastered with cement, but not in the form of stairs so that it can be predicted that would be slippery when the rain. When down this path, we need to be careful because the edges are the deep ravines.

After about 1 kilometer struggling through the steep and tiring trail, then I get the beautiful place, the clear river full of various rocks. The place is so virgin and natural. There is only one little bridge and one restroom. Slightly down to the river, we will encounter the beautiful waterfall with about 30 meters high. The water slide down against the rock make splashes that fall into a small pond. When you are in the right position and time, you will find a rainbow due to splashing water which exposed to sunlight.

We do not hear the sound of vehicles here. It is only the sound breeze and the gurgling water that occasionally interspersed by the singing of birds that make us feel comfortable. The perfect place for refreshing and reassuring. The tiring journey down the cliff paid by the natural beauty. It makes me don’t want to go home.. πŸ™‚


Testimonial: On the way back to the parking area, the road was so uphill. I felt floated and almost gave up. Then when arriving at the car, I didn’t feel anything for a while, whether sleep or fainted.. πŸ™‚



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