The Waterfall


The locals call it just “curug” which means the waterfall. This waterfall has about a 75 meters height with a small pond at the bottom. The conditions are still quite naturally, because it is unspoiled by tourism exploitation. Even if we were lucky, we could see the long-tailed monkeys are playing at the cliff.

This waterfall is located in Sidoharjo village, Kulon Progo, approximately 2 hours drive from Yogyakarta. From the settlement, we should take a walk around 1 kilometer. On the way to the waterfall we will be spoiled by a distinctive atmosphere such as paddyfields, leafy trees and a small waterfall that irrigate the fields in the surrounding villages. After arriving at the location of the waterfall Sidoharjo, there will be the expanse of wild flowers growing around the waterfall. What a beautiful sight!



  1. Can we swim in the pool? 75m is quite high, so I think it must be quite hurtful when the water strikes someone’s body who stand precisely under the waterfall :hehe.

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