EF#10 Suddenly Hungry

When I go to some town, the place that I must visit is a warung kopi. Beside that, of course, find some place to taste the local cuisines. It was a fortune that I’ve had a chance to explore the Java island. Not all of cities, of course. But, at least I got a lot of experiences about the food. Lucky me! 😀

Here three of favorite foods I met, each representing the East Java, Central Java and West Java.

Sate Menthok Tuban 1East Java is a storehouse of good coffee. But we can also find many delicious foods there. We know Rawon and Lontong Balap in Surabaya. Or a varied of sea foods along the coast. But I think the most favorite is the sate menthok or enthok (Cairina moschata) from Tuban. Its meat texture and taste is like the duck, but it’s not rancidity. The meat cut with a large size so that it feels more hearty when eaten. The drinks companion is Legen, it is the traditional beverage produced from palm trees that has a sweet taste, fresh, and tasty. When you got to Tuban, You’d better to stop by to Warung Sor Sawo in desa Sukolilo. 😀

tauto_06From the Central Java I recommend Tauto, an abbreviation of SOTO and TAUCO. Tauto is the typical food of Pekalongan city. However, tauto is different from soto which commonly encountered, both in appearance, taste and the ingredients. Tauto sauce is a brownish red color with sweet and savory taste. A bowl of tauto contains slices tender buffalo meat, rice noodles, tauco, scallions, fried onions with hot soup. It tastes hmm.. yummy!!

empal_gentong_08About 140 kilometers to the west there is Cirebon city. When you dropped by here, you should try Empal Gentong. We can say that Empal Gentong is a curry/ the goulash cooked using clay pots. The main ingredients are beef brisket, or jerohan (tripe, lungs, intestines), fresh coconut milk, spices such as lemongrass, bay leaves, cloves, onion, garlic, turmeric and salt. Empal Gentong can be eaten with rice or Lontong. Wuaaa…

Well, those are three Indonesian food that I like best among some cuisines I have ever met. But every place has its own typical cuisine. Wish I had opportunity to taste all of them.

Hmmm talking about foods in the rainy days is ridiculous. Suddenly I feel hungry.. 🙁

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  1. Those dishes have already made me drooling :huhu. I want all of them! Those kinds of foods are my favorite… with no vegetables as far as I could see… #eh. So I should go to Pekalongan first… :hehe.

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