Pisowanan Agung


Though experiencing heavy rains, the enthusiasm of the people of Yogyakarta was not recede in the event of the “Jogja Gumregah” which was held on Saturday (03/07/2015). All walks of life of Yogyakarta attended the event in order to launch the Rebranding Jogja logo in the form of the Pisowanan Agung and coincided with pengetan jumenengan or celebrating the 26th the throne of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

The event of the Jogja Gumregah was preceded by the Carnival of Cultures which followed by about 4000 people from different elements of society, traditional art groups, the folk brigades and marching bands from several universities in Yogyakarta.

Carnival of Cultures begins promptly at 14:00 from Abu Bakar Ali Parking Park, marched down the street of Malioboro, to end up in front of the Pagelaran, part of Sultan Palace. Sultan welcomed them at the palace and they had a banquet. Pisowanan Agung itself means the the people who came to the palace to meet the king.



    1. Maturnuwun Mas… actually, at the same time there was the CSS 2015 at eastparc hotel. But, my friend asked me to be the “official photographer dadakan” for this event. Then I choose yang ada sangune.. 😀


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