EF#9 Kopdar Yeah!


Bloggers meet up or well-known as kopdar is always fun. We can see them directly, talk face to face or shake their hands and proved that they are not robot. It is interesting but sometimes funny. It’s very possible that we will meet a person who really different from we think before. Someone who are talkative in the virtual world, but quiet in a real meeting.

Blogger meet ups can be done in formal or informal forums. In my opinion, the criteria of formal meet up is something like there is an OC who conduct the event, good programs and all things run according to the rundown, and organized in a limited time. How about the first BEC Meet Up last Saturday? πŸ˜€

I attended Kopdar Blogger Nusantara 2013 in Yogyakarta. It was held for two days, but I only came at the first day. It was also a “formal” meet-up. Some said it was interesting, but for me it’s boring. Sorry.. πŸ˜‰ So, I prefer walked around to meet someone I knew. Hopefully, I would get some new friends. After that, as usual, some bloggers posted their presence on that event. And then, almost the same comments showed up, β€œOMG, you were there?”
β€œWhere were you?”
β€œHow I didn’t see you.. β€œ and so on.
It happened because, perhaps they just sat down and enjoyed the performances on the stage. See.. some bloggers from different towns, they knew each other in a virtual world, finally gathered at the same time and place but they didn’t recognise each others. Too bad!

For me, blogger meet up is better to do in an informal way. Just one, two, three people in a coffee shop or some cool place, then we can talk freely and sometimes it can be a good discussion. Sometimes my meet up with other bloggers happened after they contacted me, “Hi, I’m going to Jogja on… would you mind to blablabla..” Well, blablabla means I helped them to make an itinerary, or helped them to findΒ  a rental vehicle, or even became a guide. And more of that, we could do meet up. Sure, as long as I can, I will be happy to help my virtual friends, people I never met before, whether they’re bloggers, twitter followers or facebook friends. In other case, when I go out of Jogja and there’s time to spare, I usually contact some bloggers there. When they’re free, then we can do kopdar.. πŸ˜€

But, in some cases, my meet ups were unusual. For example, I met Nina in a train station 30 minutes before she left for Bandung, or I delivered coffee powders almost midnight in a hotel to a blogger from Surabaya. Even though it was only 10-15 minutes, but the meeting could be called kopdar, right? πŸ˜€

In each meet-up, of course there was not always hahahihi and talked nothing, but there were lessons that we could find. I learned something new from other bloggers in each kopdar. I got new knowledges about blogging, photography, about business, about life and everything. Usually, after we found the same interests, it feels like that only time which could stop the conversation πŸ˜€

How many times I do blogger meet ups? Woaa.. the fact, I have met many bloggers. The last meet-up was in Bandung with Mas Dani and Om Andik. Even, I did kopdar with the same bloggers twice or three times in Jogja or other town. Unfortunately, I never took a photograph on that meet-ups, so I take some photo from their blog as a prove.. πŸ˜€

*More about BEC: EF#9 Challenge
Image sources: Emak Nengwie ; Mas Dani



  1. Aaaaaak. Is that the picture when we had our Kopdar Mas?
    Indeed, a formal meet up usually is boring. Hahaha. Met some bloggers before in a KEB events but unfortunately most of them are sitting following the events. πŸ˜€

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    1. Hehe.. betul Mas.. the image linked to your post…
      KEB? Emak Blogger? the first image shows that I met up with the Emak2 Blogger in Jogja, As the most handsome member on that kopdar, my duty was taking them here and there… as a driver πŸ˜€


  2. Wow, you’ve met Teteh Nengwie and Mas Dani. That’s so awesome. I always want to meet all of you :)).
    And now I see the picture of you in full :haha. So there are you, Mas Aan! :hihi.
    Yep, we should get as much knowledge as possible in kopdars. I only have one kopdar this far, but I got a lot of blogging knowledge in it :)).

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    1. Oh sorry, I did the photograph, Gara.. so I never have a picture of myself. But, at the second pict you can see the tubby stomach covered by vespa t-shirt.. that’s me.. -__-


    1. Ya.. I met her almost two years ago when she came to Jogja.
      Hehe.. I was in Jakarta for four days but I couldn’t move everywhere… Just come to Jogja, Mas.. then we can meet.. πŸ˜€

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