Paduraksa Gate


Paduraksa is an arch-shaped building which has a roof cover. It commonly found in an ancient architecture, especially in Java and Bali.

Basically Paduraksa is a gate which consists of three parts: the foot of a ladder or a foundation, the body of building, and the structure of roofs completed with the “Mustaka” at the top.

Paduraksa is used as the inter-regional access gate in a special building complex such as the palace, a shrine tomb, as well as temples and castles. It is a form of cultural influences of Hindu-Buddhist architecture.

The picture above is a gate at the tomb complex of Panembahan Senopati, the founder of Mataram kingdom located in Kotagede. The picture below is the gate of the complex of Istana Ratu Boko. Both are in Yogyakarta.


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    1. Yang di Istana Ratu Boko biasa dipakai prewed.. cuma kalau di makam Panembahan Senopati belum pernah liat… aneh juga sih prewed di kuburan.. πŸ˜€

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