EF#4 A Tool Named “XyzhWezquech”


This week’s challenge is a bit funny and I’m interested to join, eventhough firstly I have to browse the internet to find info about Doraemon, including its magic pocket. Well, of course I know Doraemon, the Japanese cartoon and manga, but I didn’t notice that it has a magic pocket that contains everything needed. In this challenge I’m not interested in Where Only the door, Bamboo propeller, Konyaku Any Language or other tools commonly used by Doraemon. I read the rules written:

“Tidak harus alat yang memang ada di cerita Doraemon, jadi bisa alat hasil keinginan dan imajinasi sendiri yang sebelumnya tidak ada di cerita komik maupun filmnya Doraemon.”

So, with the admins approval, I will choose another tool that has never been out from the pocket. Hhee.. 😀

There is a tool named XyzhWezquech. Difficult to pronounce, huh? So that’s why Doraemon never use this since it often slip of tongue to say the name. I’m sure there is no one have ever met this tool. It has a simple shape, a kind of plastic cup containing mineral water. Actually the word XyzhWEzquech is derived from Xyzhw that means cup and Ezquech that means magic water. Indeed, it is a plastic cup filled with the solving problem water. Those who drink the Ezquech from the Xyzhw, they would be able to overcome all the problems and live happily. Remarkably, every time the Ezquech was poured, then the Xyzhw will soon fully charged again.

Why I choose the XyzhWEzquech? Yes, because by having the XyzhWEzquech I would able to make others happy. Wherever or whenever I meet sad people, I can help to solve their problems and share the happiness, by using the XyzhWEzquech. Of course I will do it for free. If all the people have lived peacefully without any problems, it would certainly delightful. That’s cool, right?

However, there is one thing that I must obey. The tool can only be used for others. I cannot take the advantages of XyzhWEzquech for personal interests. Since there are many problems in my life, sometimes I want to try the XyzhWEzquech to myself. But, of course I won’t to bear the risk. If everybody happy, it will my happiness, too..

One thing that I would do is going to Jakarta immediately and share the XyzhWEzquech to pak Jokowi. I think he got super dizzy right now.. 😆

* More about BEC: EF#4 Challenge




  1. Mas Aan… Please let me tell you this. I love the idea! Really love it. You are so not selfish! Thinking a tool for others, so not Nobita. 😀
    And… please teach me how to say the tool? Please… please… please…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LoL. If the creator has bruises due to it, how about the others? *sungguh tega kau mas*

        Tapi baca arti kata yang mas pakai sebagai nama itu membuat saya kagum. Artinya mas melakukan penelitian singkat utk itu. Bukan post sembarang post. 👍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, tentu saja riset mas…
        Di akhir tahun 2012 saya dan bbrp profesor dari Tokyo riset tentang nama benda ajaib tersebut, ya untuk kepentingan challenge ini,. *kalem*

        Liked by 1 person

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