EF#3 Gadget And Our Life

How Gadget Affects Our Life

According to Wikipedia, gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but it is often thought of as a novelty. In a simple words, gadget is an electronic device that always updated so as to make human life more practical. Gadgets are always ‘packed’ cleverly exceeding the previous technology. Does gadget affect to a human life?

Nowadays, gadget has become an absolute necessity for us. Almost all aspects of life are using the gadgets as a media, while working or interacting. It is very common to see people carrying notebook, tablet or even some smartphones at the same time. But actually the use of gadgets in daily life is very relative. Some are needed to support the working performance, education or simply interacting to others in social media.

Does gadget influence me? Frankly speaking, yes. I am depending on gadgets. My blackberry and android phone always stick to me and of course, both are always connected to the internet. And there is also a laptop which as if hungry of wifi.. πŸ˜€ Do I really need them? Yup, I think so.. Laptop serves me to do some tasks, such as preparing proposal, doing presentation, “executing” some graphic design projects, also to edit photo and video.

Next, even though today is the android era, I still keep my blackberry on, and use it to interact to others using blackberry messenger. I also have an android phone which really be forced to work hard since there are many applications installed in it. There are four email addresses, some social media such as facebook, instagram, path, also twitter and ubersoc since I became an admin of some twitter accounts that support my jobs. There are still other applications such as whatsapp, snapseed, waze, swarm and of course wordpress for android. What a busy gadget!

Some says that the gadget has a bad effect. Well, sometimes we are too engrossed with our smartphones, so that we lose track of time and place. Once, I gathered with some friends, and there were a void of communication because everybody were busy with their own gadgets.Β What a sucks moment! Until we decided to put our smartphones then we could have a pleasant conversation.

But of course, gadgets were created to give positive effects. By using gadget we can get the up to date informations, do some tasks easily, able to communicate using various social messengers inexpensively. Using gadget we are able to take pictures then share to any social media immediately, including the food you shall eat, right? πŸ˜€

We cannot deny that gadget has an impact on our lives. The good or bad effects, it depends on how we take advantage of the gadget itself. How about you? I think you should be careful when you feel restless and dizzy after five minutes didn’t check your Whatsapp or Line in your phone. πŸ˜†

* More about BEC: EF#3 Challenge



      1. Saya termasuk yg amat sangat butuh itu Hp, pertama buat ngobrol2 sepuasnya sama Momih dan sama keluarga di Indonesia plus temen2 di Indo juga termasuk sama Babeh hhehe

        Betul bangeut buat cari ide masak apa hari ini.

        Daaaaaan buat bikin foto dioong πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Salam kenal bang..
    Ya memang baik buruknya tergantung yg make sih ya.. saya lebib sering tenggelam dengan gadget klo sendiri. Kalo ama temen, gadget beralih fungsi jadi kamera.. hahaha.. so typical..


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