New Creation Dance


The dance is the movement of the human body that is aligned with the rhythm of the music and have a specific purpose. The dance has a strong position in human life as communication media in the movement form to convey a message or a particular purpose.

Javanese culture, especially in Central Java and Yogyakarta has a variety of arts, including the dance. At the regim of Islamic Mataram kingdom until it was split into two, the Surakarta and Yogyakarta Sultanate, the kingdoms developed art with their own characteristics.

At the present time, there is the new creation dance which in the its making is lead to freedom and not always based on the tradition patterns. It is the innovation of the dance creator in creating a new dance. Bagong Kussudiardjo is a popular figure who created many new creation dances. The other is Mila Rosinta, the young woman who dedicates her life for dancing.

The following photos are the performance of the final exam of the Sekolah Menengah Karawitan Indonesia. It’s such a senior high school of dancing and Javanese traditional music in Yogyakarta. The students create and perform their own dance. The dance is funny, lively and stunning.

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