The Beauty of Siung Beach


Siung beach is about 70 km from Yogyakarta, it can be taken within 2 hours of using a motorcycle or car. There is no public transports so that you have to bring your own vehicles. The road is relative good, although you need to be careful because a lot of bends and steep inclines.

Siung beach is located in a small bay with a length of only about 300-400 meters, surrounded by black large rocks which is mostly overgrown with vegetation and green moss. The alloy of clear blue sea and the green coral add to the beauty of this place. The massive rocks on the west and east coast is become the characteristic of this beach and facilitate the rock climbers. Now, there were 250 climbing routes in Siung beach. In fact, this place had been the scene of Asian Climbing Gathering.

Siung beach is a perfect place for those who have a hobby of photography. The short beach and bounded corals are interesting objects. Unfortunately when I was there the sky was overcast so I didn’t get good images. But you can see the sunset here.


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