Pioneer or Follower


Well, even though I totally passive in BEC, but this is the embodiment of my responsibility to contribute to the English Challenge or whatever it called, that is to make a post in English. Then, what about the previous posts in this blog that already use English? Hhmm ignore them.. ๐Ÿ˜†

For me, one word to describe 2015 is Pioneer!
Human was given a brain to think creatively and be encouraged to be resilient. Therefore, they should to be dare to do something new. To be innovative person. I have some stories here.

In 2005, there were four students of Gadjah Mada University collaborated to create a simple bussiness, selling fried cassava using cart with the brandname Tela-Tela. They are not ashamed to offer the cheap “rustic food” but using an unique concept, simple products, low price, and the eyecatching packages. The four people with different personalities and also mindset was able to immerse themselves in a franchise system that has been tested.

It was almost ten years ago. Nowadays, the fried cassavas has already bloom everywhere. But those four people are taking it easy. As the pioneer whose competed early already benefit in advance, and when others imitate, they are already leading, even expansion in other business.

During the last ten years ago (not sure about it), when the government were intense to do the campaign against nicotine, one factory was innovate and launched a new brand named “mild” that said as low tar and nicotine.

This product was succeed and soon the same products from other brands were came. But as a pioneer, this brand has already leading and unrivaled in sales value. They even made some taglines for mocking the competitors, โ€œOthers Can Only Follow.โ€ In fact, for sure with the tar and nicotine yields are lower than competitors, they made another tagline, “How Low Can You Go.”

Indeed, as a pioneer is not necessarily promising success. Depending on the strength and commitment and other aspects to be better, to be the best. However, it is not wrong to be creative. Try to be in the forefront, not imitators. It is better to be the head of a chicken than to be dragon’s tail, isn’t it? Or will be better is become a dragon’s head not only chicken’s!


BEC or Blog English Club is a kind of online English Club. It’s iteresting! Don’t be hesitate to contact Dani, Ryan or Nita for more information about it.



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