The Gate of Nirbaya

plengkung gading_01

This evening, on the way to the studio, I took a picture of Plengkung Nirbaya which is located on the south side of the Sultan palace of Yogyakarta. “Plengkung” means gate.

Plengkung Nirbaya is one of the five gates of the fort of Baluwerti which is surrounding the Sultan’s palace of Yogyakarta. Nowadays, plengkung Nirbaya is well-known as Plengkung Gading.

Some says that, the sultan will never pass this gate until one day when he passed away, his body will taken to the tombs of the kings through this gate for the last time.

plengkung gading_02

Outside the gate


plengkung gading_03

inside the gate



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