Kantin S15 : Eat, Drink and Connect


Jogja as a tourist destination place is known as the city that never sleep. There are always activities until dawn. There are various venues that are always “life” until midnight, one of them is a coffee shop. Nowadays, there are hundreds of coffee shops scattered in various places, even open a full of 24 hours. These places are being the option for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night.

A few years ago, Suryadiningratan street in the southern of Yogyakarta, was still a quiet street. But now, the street that a line with the “Prawirotaman tourist village” has began to emerge the hotels, art galleries, cafes and other hangout places. People no longer just passing, but intend to come to this place, including to the Kantin S15.

Kantin S15 is the name of a coffee shop which is a glance away from the impression of “serious cafe”. It is located in the courtyard that is not so wide, with limited parking space. No antique wicker chair and with no vintage decor, nor minimalist interior design. It is only a simple stall with the long wooden tables and benches. There is only a bar with glass several jars containing coffee powder which shows this place sells a variety of coffee drinks. Seems perfunctory but the fact it is managed seriously.

But this simplicity is what creates comfort. Guests do not have to sit neatly and self-respect, but they are fine to sit while lifting one foot on the bench. They do not have to speak slowly, but could have laughed out loud without fear of disturbing other visitors. Within reasonable limits, of course πŸ™‚

The stall which is open from late afternoon until midnight is always filled with young people. Often tourists or foreign students coming to this place. They enjoyed being there for hours just to hang around while chatting, playing cards or some are busy to do their tasks while utilizing free hotspots. Not surprisingly, many visitors who purposely bring a laptop from home to do the works or interact in social media. As long as free wifi.. πŸ˜†

The menu is quiet varied. They sell robusta coffee to cappuccino and viet coffee. But not only coffee. This place also sells a variety of herb tea, some varied milks until such a traditional beverage name “wedang uwuh.” As a snack, they have crispy tahoe,Β  toasts, baked bananas to spaghetti and fried rice. But typical of Kantin S15 is a typical Indian food named roti maryam. it is a round flat bread served with honey, chocolate, cheese or sweetened condensed milk. The price of food is relatively affordable for visitors. You may see some menus here.

As a young people hanging spot, they also served by the young eccentric people. With tattos and piercing body but far from being scary. When you are interact to them, they are good, polite and even funny. Admittedly, at first they were street boys who were accustomed to get drunk and drugs. But currently they’ve completely rehabilitated. Everybody has the second chance, right?

Eat, drink and connect as the tagline represents that this place is suitable for have a meal, drinking and interaction to others. For those who are in the south of Yogyakarta, don’t be hesitate to stop by this place and discover the pleasure of coffee. You can meet me there, then… πŸ˜€

Here a short video about the Kantin S15 I have made..

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  1. Roti maryam roti maryam… saya mau roti maryamnya… kirim satu ke Jakarta sini dong, Mas! By the way, itu cuma varian kopi saja? Ada teh manis panas nggak, Mas? (lo kira warung apaan :haha).
    Dilihat-lihat, kayaknya cabangnya sudah lebih dari satu, ya. Selamat, semoga sukses terus!

    1. adaaaaa… dari regular tea, black tea, green tea, rosella tea, hingga kombinasi semacam lemongrass tea, ginger tea, cinnamon tea, milk tea.. duh, dikit lagi jadi buku menu nih.. πŸ˜€

      Makasih Mas.. ayo buka cabang Jakarta hahaha..

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