The Silver Mosque


Talking about Kotagede is as endless. A place which is located in the southeast of Yogyakarta is full of tourist potential worth visiting, including religious tourism. Besides the Grand Mosque Mataram inside the tomb complex of kings and ancestors Sultanate of Mataram, there is one mosque that is located in the village of Silver Trunojayan, Prenggan, Kotagede. With the Middle East-style, the building become the contrast among the tens and even hundreds of Javanese existing buildings in the town.

The building was built in 1937-1939 and put into use in early 1940. Known as the Silver Mosque because the land endowments and the construction of the mosque was the result of the contribution of entrepreneurs silver products. But others say that the word “Perak” (silver) is derived from the “Firoq” which means differentiator. The white color of silver is represented as the holy. Silver Mosque used as a purification of Islam, dividing the people of the kingdom religious attachment that is not in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

The main building forms a Joglo with 4 round poles slightly tapered. The porch roof shaped a Limasan. The mosque is not using the dome, but on the roof of the main building fitted with jasmine buds are made of cement.

Until now the mosque is still used and have added a few buildings that function to the library and administrative offices.

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