Tung Tak Tung Jazz..!! : #Ngayogjazz 2014


Ngayogjazz is one of an an annual jazz festival in Indonesia beside Java Jazz. The differences between them such as that the Java Jazz Festival always held in a luxury and exclusive place, but the Ngayogjazz were held in some simple places, usually tourist village in Yogyakarta. This year, it is organized in Brayut, a small village in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

There were some musicians performed in this event, such as Dewa Budjana, Balawan Trio, Syaharani, Gubug Jazz pekanbaru, Solo Jazz Society, also Mezcal Jazz Unit from France. It is held from 11 am. to 11 pm. in five stages spreaded in some places. Based on the committee’s report, this event were visited by about 190.000 audiences, not only from Yogyakarta but also from other cities.

Here some pictures I took in this event. Not all performers, because I came late and went home early.. 😀


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      1. Thanks. But this you tube video is not available due to safety mode. I did look at a few others. I think the genre may be similar, but the expression and interpretation are influenced by local cultures, which i would love to experience as a tourist.

          1. Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that I have not visited. I am particularly interested in seeing Borobudur, and Bali’s puppet show. It is on my wish list.

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