Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime


I was alone at home and I wanted to cook something special for myself. See.. I had sweet and spicy tempeh, greens mustard cooked with meatballs, and soy sauce.
They looks good, but honestly, the taste were really really BAD.. πŸ˜†

More at the daily post: Weekly Photo Chalenge



  1. Your right Sigoese, sometimes the picture tastes better then the food and an added bonus – no calories πŸ™„

    Looking forward to an invite for dinner, I’m dieting.

    Christian Love – Anne


      1. hahahaha….. waduh, separah itu kah…. ya wes, aku tak melipir ke warung terdekat aja kalau gitu πŸ˜€


  2. Oh my! Soy sauce is something I MUST have with almost every meal. I add just the normal green chilli, lime juice and chopped onions in mine.


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