Prambanan Temple


Temple of Rara Jonggrang or well-known as Prambanan temple is the biggest Hindus temple in Indonesia. It was built around the 9th century by Rakai Pikatan. Some historians suspect that development of this grand Hindu temple was to mark the return to power Sanjaya family on Java. It is related to the theory of twin dynasties which has different beliefs, the Hindus Sanjaya dynasty and Buddhist Sailendra dynasty.

The temple is dedicated to the Trimurti, the three main Hindu gods: Brahma the creator god, Vishnu the maintainer god, and Shiva the god of destruction. Based on the inscription Siwagrha, the original name of this temple is Siwagrha (Sanskrit which means ‘House of Shiva’), and indeed in the garbagriha (main room) temple dwells Mahadeva Shiva statue as high as three meters showed that the god Shiva in this temple are preferred.

The temple is located around 20 kilometers to the east from Yogyakarta and becomes one of the favourite tourist place.



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