It sounds strange finding gecko in the pets market…



      1. I think you got the right word. 🙂

        I know what you mean, Aan. There is a pet shop here in Lansing that has all manner of lizards, snakes, exotic birds… and geckos, I’m sure. I guess they all have their charm?


  1. wow ,super ! 🙂 Thanks so much Sigoese ! Tokay gecko is not those little lovely friendly pets that we can play with or train easily for sure.

    If s/he bites you, s/he won’t let go in a million years. I had to use a thick glove while touching a max size aggressive male tokay (since he made so much noise at night) ^ – ^ However, they are such a kind of beautiful and cool animal . Do you plan to bring home one , Sigoese ?

    or you should think of a little bearded dragon – very friendly =) I love them so well ! Check this out ^ – ^


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