Tugu Yogyakarta


Tugu Yogyakarta is a monument known as the icon of the city of Yogyakarta.

In Dutch language, the Tugu Yogyakarta is better known as the white paal, while the older generations of Yogyakarta people are often call Tugu Pal Putih. This 15 meter-high monument was built in 1889 as a replacement for an earlier monument that was damaged by an earthquake on June 10, 1867. The previous Tugu was 25 meters high in cylindrical shaped with a circle at its peak, so it was better known as Tugu Golong Gilig.

Nowadays, almost every night many young people come to hangout or take pictures surrounding this monument. Unfortunately, there are many “visual garbages” such as billboards or ads signs, which disturb the scenery. 🙁

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  1. aku naksir yg foto terakhir tuh, makasih yah om sigoese….lihat indo jaya suzuki di belakang tugu itu mengingatkan aku masa2 dulu disana hehehe dulu aku pernah mengajukan PKL disana hahaha Ya Alloh…back ke memory wes 😀

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