The Military Music of Yogyakarta Palace Soldiers


The military music of Yogyakarta palace soldiers divide into 3 parts: Garebek (Grebeg), Barangan and Pencaosan. Basically, the music are used as ceremonial music, as security signs  and for political messages.

The instruments used such as the drum, trumpet, flute, cymbals, bende (small gong). Every brigades has their own music.

I have some music played by the soldiers of Yogyakarta palace. Some sounds funny and disharmony, but I love to listen to them and use one of music as a ringtones in my mobile.. 🙂

You can visit HERE to listen or even download the typical of the ensable music of Yogyakarta palace soldiers.

This backsound music entitled Bimo Kurdo, played by the Prajurit Ketanggung.

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