Prajurit Dhaeng : The Yogyakarta Palace Soldiers


These soldiers were actually shipped from Macassar by the Dutch to reinforce Raden Mas Said (KGPAA Mangkunegoro I) at odds with Prince Mangkubumi (Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I). As a result of the dispute, Mangkunegoro I divorced his wife called GKR Bendoro and sent back to her father the Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. Mangkunegoro ordered the selected troops from Makasar to escort GKR Bendoro to Yogyakarta. Arriving at the Sultan’s Palace, the soldiers were welcomed and served well, which then made them did not want to come home to Surakarta, and chose to serve with loyalty to Sultan Hamengkubuwono I.  As a reward, then Sultan Hamengkubuwono  formed a special unit which consist of these soldiers called Bregada Dhaeng.

Philosophically, Dhaeng means brave and elite warrior. Previously, the hallmark of this unit was that any names of the soldiers were always using the word Niti. At present, in a variety of ceremonies, this brigade is always positioned in the second row after prajurit Wirobrojo.

Its flag named the Bahningsari, rectangular-shaped with a white base, in the middle there is a red octagonal star. Bahningsari derived from the Sanskrit word, bahning that means fire and sari which means core.

The uniform consists of black hat decorated with red and white feather, wulung headband, white jacket with red strip, blue lonthong, black kamus, white pants with red strip, black socks and loafers. The weapon used was a rifle, spear and keris.

The place for the Dhaeng soldiers named Dhaengan, a village located in the southwest palace of Yogyakarta. And, this is the place where I live now. 😆

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