Prajurit Wirobrojo: The Yogyakarta Palace Soldiers


The name of Wirobrojo comes from the word Wiro that means brave and Brojo which means sharp. Philosophically, the name of Wirobrojo means a very brave warrior with sharp and sensitive senses. The brigade of Wirobrojo always been at the forefront in every battle. Therefore, at present, this brigade is always positioned in the front row in a variety of ceremonies.

The soldier of Wirobrojo wears a Sikepan shaped uniform, satin belt and panji pants that all are red, black loafers with white socks, and a red lombokan shaped hat called Kudhup Turi. Because its uniform resembling of red chilies, the soldier Wirobrojo also called Lombok Abang soldier. (Lombok Abang, Javanese: red chili)

The flag of Wirobrojo soldier named Gula Klapa. The weapon used was a rifle with a bayonet and spear.

The presence of these soldiers became the name of the village Wirobrajan. This village still exists today.

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