Alun-Alun Kidul: The Backyard of The Sultan Palace

Alun-alun Kidul is the square in the southern part of Yogyakarta Palace. It’s also called Pengkeran, which comes from Javanese word “pengker” that meansΒ  back. This is according to the position of the square which is located behind the palace.

The square is surrounded by a square wall with five gates: one on the south side and each of two pieces on the east and west sides. On the west side there is Gajahan. This is an elephant cage belongs to Sultan. But, all elephants had been moved to Yogyakarta zoo. There is a couple of banyan tree, named Supit Urang.

On the north side of the square there is the Siti Hinggil Kidul. The ground level of the building is elevated about 150 cm from the vicinity. So that’s whay it’s called Siti Hinggil which means the upland. Formerly this place was used by the Sultan to see the soldiers who were doing the exercise.Now, Siti Hinggil Kidul used to hold the performing arts for public, especially the shadow puppets.


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      1. Di alkid (alun-alun kidul) ada satu atraksi yang namanya Masangin, yaitu masuk di antara dua pohon beringin dengan mata tertutup. Konon, kalau bisa sukses, keinginan kita akan terpenuhi. Hehe.. ini cuma bentuk dari eksploitasi cerita enggak jelas yang ternyata bisa dijual ke wisatawan.
        Di pohon beringinnya memang ada ‘sesuatu’. Setidaknya ada batang, ada akar dan yang pasti sampah daun! hehehe… Ayo ke Jogja dong… πŸ˜€

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