Prajurit Ketanggung: The Yogyakarta Palace Soldiers


I’ve made a post about the soldiers of Yogyakarta palace entitled Prajurit Kraton Yogyakarta. From now on, I’m trying to make a profile of each brigade in serial. Maybe there will be some Javanese terms that I cannot translate to English, because even I had difficulties to find the meaning in Bahasa Indonesia. The first bregade is Prajurit Ketanggung.

Philosophically, the name of Ketanggung means “has a very heavy responsibility.” Previously, these soldiers were responsible for guarding the palace and also guarding the king when he went out of the palace. These soldiers also served as a prosecution case. This brigade is comprised of 4 ranking officers named Panji, 8 noncommissioned sergeants, 72 soldiers and 1 soldier who carries the dwaja.

Panji or the flag of Ketanggung soldier named Cakraswandana. Its rectangular-shaped with a black base, there is a six-sided star with white color at the center of the flag.

The uniform is Sikepan shaped, with a lurik (striated) pattern typical of Ketanggung  and black shorts outside white pants. They also wear black boots and a black Mancungan hat. The weapon used was a rifle with a bayonet and spear.

The presence of these soldiers became the name of the village Ketanggungan. This village still exists today.



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