The Sweet Tiwul


I’ve been posting about how to make Tiwul as a substitute for rice here. But this time the rice is readily available and tiwul no longer a staple food. Tiwul that used to be the staple food, now become an interesting culinary that offered to tourists. You can read this in Bahasa Indonesia here.

Today has been quite popular in Gunungkidul tiwul is sold as a snack. The way to make this food is almost the same. Tapioca flour was given a mixture of water and palm sugar, then stir in the Tampah (round and wide flat place) to form small droplets, less like grains of rice. The palm sugar makes it looks brown and taste sweet.

There is a process named “ninting,” that is sifting the grain tiwul. Tiwul granules placed in the tampah then sifted and sometimes tossed up so that the coarse and fine grain separate. It needs special skills to do this process.

Here are some images of making tiwul. As usual, the pictures are not  good because its object was always moving, and I stick not to use flash. These photos were taken on January, when I visited the home of traditional culinary industry in Wonosari, Gunungkidul.



  1. Now, this is interesting. I make tapioca “pudding” which I love and so do my adult children. I made it when they were growing up. The tapioca comes in a box. A receipe is printed on the box for the cook to follow.


  2. jadi itu prosesnya? rasanya enak, tapi sekarang jarang yang jual tiwul, harus ke pasar kalau mau beli..
    hujan-hujan makan tiwul enak 😀


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