just one woman

….but it is not easy to get a woman who deserves to be treated like this!

hmmm.. sorry šŸ™‚

m e i r o

a real man

chooses to







just to

one woman


ā€“ mei ā€“

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  1. Aan, you will be lucky one day to find the right lady for you, Neve go looking. When the time is right you will stumble across a lady of your dreams. She might just be around the “corner.” You never know when that might be.


      1. I hope so.. but, hmm.. not sure.. I’ve got bad experience about it.. šŸ˜¦
        *malah curcol*

        I’m invited to attend another fashion show at Hyatt this evening. Will you substitute me, Mbak Mei? šŸ™‚


      2. maem gratis di Hyatt sambil nonton mbak-mbak fashion show batik.. šŸ™‚

        I often come to some “sosialita gatherings” to get free delicious foods and ehm, washing my eyes.. šŸ˜†


  2. untuk mengimbangi baris terakhir, saya pun akan bilang..

    …sayangnya tak banyak lelaki yang sanggup melakukan hal seperti itu terhadap perempuan…

    barangkali baiknya begini, menjadi baiklah untuk pasanganmu, maka ia akan menjadi baik pula untukmu… *iki apa sih nduk


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