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mbak cantik

This afternoon around 11.45 AM friend of mine phoned and invited me to go to Solo. But, I had to be at his house at 12.00 PM. Woow, I had no time for preparation, and the most stupid thing was I didn’t bring the camera! Pfftt… When I came there, he told me that we would photograph the fashion show. We’re in a hurry, so he asked me to use his camera. Finally, it was my first time to use Sony DSLR camera, indoor, in the evening and no external flash! Great!! 🙁

It’s my new experience with this camera. I need some times to do adjusment. Yeah, I got some good pictures, but I think in general I was failed. I don’t know  if my friend would use my picture or not. Then, after everything finished, from the organizer I got an envelope filled with… hmm, I can buy cigarettes, then. Thanks God… 🙂

The picture above taken using the camera that I’ve never touched before. Of course after some editing. [ Sony DSLR | f/7.1 | 1/10sec | ISO-3200 | 70mm | internal flash | edited ]

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  1. Wow weeee. That was a bummer not to have your own camera. However, that pic of the pretty model is very good. I see that the pic was shot at 3200 ISO and f/7.1 and it is still very sharp. Would you buy a sony instead of a souped up pro quality canon?

    1. hahaha.. bummer huh? 😀
      ya, actually the original was a bit brighter but still sharp. You see I wrote that I also edited this pic… I don’t catch your last question, but I prefer Canon to Sony.

      1. I asked if you would buy a professional canon model or a sony. So you got my question just fine. I think you are learning english very well.

        I would not have known that the pic was edited but I read that you had edited the photo.

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