A Bit About Garut


I went to Garut, West Java in June 2012. Actually it was not really visiting, because I got there around 2.00 AM, took a rest, and then at 9.00 AM had to move on to Tasikmalaya. The fact, I did not really take a rest because upon arriving at the lodge I had to finish the journals of previous trip that must be sent to the office.

When the report was finished, it was already the dawn. I did not go to sleep but went out the room with my camera, sat in the courtyard waited for sunrise. Oh ya, at that time, I stayed at the village named Cipanas. There are many natural hot spring there. It’s really interesting!

These are the pictures of the atmosphere in front of the lodge in Garut between 8 to 9 in the morning before I left for Tasikmalaya.


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    1. Ya, Garut is a small town in West Java… Everybody only knows Bali, whereas Indonesia has many places much more beautiful than Bali..
      Thanks for stopping by.. πŸ™‚

  1. I wonder whether this is the right of Garut. Since what i heard and watched on television, Garut is the city of million sheep but not even one could be found on this almbum.


    1. Yup, itu aku barusan dari jakarta dan emang pegel bener bokongnya. but, jam 2 pagi mandi pake air panas di sana langsung ilang bokongnya, eh pegelnya.. πŸ˜€

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