The Corners Named Pojok Beteng

“POJOK BETENG” is the corners of the fort which surrounding the Sultan’s palace of Yogyakarta.  The fort of Yogyakarta palace has square shaped, of course, it should be has four corners. Currently, there are only three corners left, since the northeast corner had destroyed during the battle against the British in 1812.    

Every corner of the fort is connected by the thick walls. The height of each Pojok Beteng approximately 5 meters.  There are some loopholes on the walls that are likely used to put the cannon. In the corner of Pojok Beteng, there is a cylindrical chamber with a hole to look outside the fort.

Currently, the Pojok Beteng become a very well known place in Yogyakarta. Here I share some pictures of Pojok Beteng Kulon or southwest corner of the fort. Yeaayy.. it’s near my house..!! 😀 Well, I took them using my phone camera and edited using photoshop. They are not good enough, but I hope they can give you the depiction of the corner of the Yogyakarta palace’s fort.



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