Pacitan in East Java is located in the limestone mountains, in line with Wonogiri in Central Java and Gunungkidul in Yogyakarta. As the limestone area, it is difficult to grow rice in those places. For that in earlier times, they ate cassava as a substitute for rice. They cultivated cassava into a food named Tiwul.

This is the short brief to make tiwul. Peel cassava and wash thoroughly. After that, dried in the sun approximately 2-3 days. Once dry, soak in a bucket full of water for 3-4 days (until the cassava is soft) and then dry in the sun again.

Mashed the cassava into flour. Place the flour in a large flat container, occasionally sprinkled with water while rubbing a circular by hand, until the flour into small grains like rice. After that, steam for 30 minutes.

With the better development of agriculture and transportation, now the locals are easy to eat rice. Tiwul that used to be the staple food, now become an interesting culinary that offered to tourists.



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