Yeah, I know that it’s a bit blur, but I got difficulty to photograph the bird which was engrossed in with its partner and couldn’t be silent, even just for a moment …. 🙁

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  1. Aan, these are your birds? They are really pretty. Are these actually called love birds or is this a name that you gave them? I like seeing photos of the birds very much. Their coloring is so vibrant

    1. Ya, those are mine. I have four (two pairs) of Love Birds, and put them in a big cage. Ya, the name is love bird, or at least I just follow the people.. 🙂
      There are many types of love birds.. some has green feather.. They can’t sing like canaries, but have beauty colors like parakeets…
      Thanks Yvonne, have a nice weekend.. 🙂

        1. ooh.. foto lawas.. pas motret kok dipotret temenku.. tapi gak kliatan gantengnya ya? emang ga ada sih.. hehe..

          Iya, tapi HS ki singkatan opo? Hadi Samekto atau apa?

      1. ganteng itu kan relatif, dari sudut mana menilainya begitu juga dengan cantik hehe

        HS kie headshot ketoke haha lali aku om, itu kan istilah di empeh dulu tahunya HS itu yah headshot yg jadi potho profile

  2. I prefer feeling it in a positive way. There is a “just married” couple and a pastor who may bless and witness for the new couple ( if he cries, may be just because he feels too happy blessing a new family 😛 )

      1. haha , whenever I look at this photo of your , I can imagine that the pastor-bird is saying : ” And now , you may kiss the bride ! ” ^ – ^ how cute !

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